friendly happenings & MI antique shop photos.

Our friend Andy came to visit around two weeks ago and it was so wonderful to see him.  Andy bakes.  A lot.  And the things he bakes taste really really good.  The people that live near THIS coffee shop are blessed folks (he works there/bakes for them!!).  Anywho, Dan was playing around with my camera and this is my favorite of Andy and Job:


And this is one of the DELICIOUS scones that Andy woke up crazy early to make for us on his last day visiting...oh and that's lemon curd on top.  Lemon curd that he whipped up that same morning.  What a giving friend!!  Thank you Andy :)

andy's scone & lemon curd!

In more celebration of Valerie's birth, a trip to her home town in Michigan happened! And...on that trip, antiquing happened!  Yesss.  Here are some of the things I saw that I thought were really fun:

i like this bowl.

sailing hot plate.

sweet tea towel.

fun tray!

pretty bowl.

kelly's footstools!!!
some INCREDIBLE maybe turkish, egyptian, or moroccan footstools!!

urchin salt & pepper.

little pendant.


sweet illustration.

Kelly is now the proud owner of those beautiful footstools!!!  Yay!

I came home with three clear mason/ball jars to eventually do THIS.  I have wanted to ever since Mackenzie posted it!

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