music monday: typhoon (link to free mp3's!).

Well, I guess my post on Friday confirmed some fears about the blog.  Umm...hi friends!  It seems like you're the only ones reading.  Not that I don't like you, I just got really excited when I saw how many international views I had.  I guess they were flukes!  This may mean some changes for the blog.  Less posts (even though I hate that idea) so that I spend a little less time on it.  More of a project update blog (I think this was my initial intention anyway!).  Also, after doing some reviewing of life and finances, Dan and I have decided I am going to need to pick up some work outside of 'homeseed'.  Something more reliable and consistent.  This is really hard for me, but I think it will be good.  With that, I am applying for something today!  Who knows what will happen.  I am trying to have more of a "what do I have to lose in applying" attitude, but I have never been very good at that!

The band I want to share with you today is called Typhoon.  There are ELEVEN band-members and they are from Portland!  They have two free mp3's on their site which you can find HERE (called The Honest Truth) and HERE (called Starting Over).  They also have a tiny desktop concert on NPR from SXSW which you can watch/listen to HERE.

Enjoy :)

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