music monday: shara & fleet (& my birthday!).

Well, I turned 24 yesterday!  I like that.  In fact, I like that a lot.  I like that these days becoming a year older doesn't sound scary at all (for me).  I often think about how excited I am to have more age and wisdom added unto me.  Also, at a wedding on Saturday we saw a couple receive the bride's bouquet for being married longer than anyone else in the room. SIXTY-ONE years.  It was absolutely precious to behold them standing so humbly in the corner of the room and receiving this little gift.  I really enjoyed too that the bouquet tradition was changed up in this very honoring way.  You know, the newest wedded giving a little gift of love to the longest wedded?!  Oh, love!  

Well, the day itself was really lovely.  It was in the 70's!  It was actually hot I couldn't believe how nice it was.  We made our weekly stop to the Bagel and the Broadway Intelli; headed to church (and Min took a birthday picture! (below) Yay!) where I was given sweet and thoughtful words, cards, and gifts from some of my new friends that I am SO thankful for; had lunch with two of my favorite people in Chicago; headed to the mall (for some rush shopping that will continue once Dan is finished with the semester); had dinner at union pizza (an amazing atmosphere with lovely food!  I had been wanting to go here for a while :D); got bubble teaaaaa of course; and watched the Soloist when we got home (thanks for the recommendation Lindsey Meyer!).  I felt so loved and blessed.  Thank you, friends.

For music today I wanted to send you HERE & HERE to watch some videos.  The first is a video with another song from the new Fleet Foxes album coming out next month!  The second is another project that Shara was a part of (it's a little bit weird, and I feel like coming from me that's saying something, but I still think it's beautiful).  Also!  HERE is the live audio webcast of Shara's Ecstatic Music Festival concert.  I'm listening to it now :) 

Have a lovely Monday!!


  1. loved reading this. So glad you had a good birthday! I need to hear that getting older is a good thing...it's been hard for me to accept haha! love you girly.

  2. I feel honored to have been mentioned here :D

    Have a blessed week!

  3. linds-LOVE youuuu. PS, the movie was really good.
    sarah beth!!-hiiii :) you are great. i love you too! missin' all of you LA ladies.
    min-we love you :D thanks again for the photos!!