an inquiry for YOU.

Hello!  Happy Friday!

So today what I'm posting about is more for me than you.  But, I need your help :)

I am curious about WHO you are!  So...who are you?

Blogger is pretty nifty in that, it lets me know where viewers are viewing from.  Well, I'm just wondering how you found me/homeseed and why you've stayed.  This goes along with that last part but, it would be nice to know what you like about what I'm sharing too (or...hate!  Eeeek!).  So, please take a moment or two and leave a comment!  I want to get to know you!

Hopefully this isn't super sad...meaning I end up with 3 comments from friends I already know are here regularly!  Oh well, I'm trying not to have expectations ;)

Thanks for your help and participation.  I truly appreciate you.

Have a lovely weekend :) :) :)


  1. I think you're pretty great!!

  2. this is an adorable blog of adorableness

  3. I like friends and bloggers. Double points for being both!