a gift for job.

My parents were in town the 16th-20th.  It was wonderful to see them and spend time with them.  It had been since Christmas :( Unfortunately...I have zero pictures with them.  Silly, right?  I do, however, have pictures of a gift they brought for Job...

job & big bone.

the giant bone.


That bone is crazy, right?!?!  Well unfortunately it didn't last too long.  It's in a bag on top of a cabinet because it was loud and very messy.  He wouldn't stop going over by the cabinet and thrusting his neck and nose into the air to smell it.  Last time he had something like that our whole living room smelled like jerky (this one doesn't smell, thankfully) and the clean up was terrible!!  So, we're waiting for some nice days outside.  
Then he can chew it all he wants :)


  1. um. that thing is huge. like ridiculously so.

  2. HAHA! What a gigantic bone! Holy cow. My dog loves bones and rawhide like that...she'll do the same thing- hover over where she knows we hid it (: