molly spent the night!

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, our friends got married this past weekend and that is a beautiful thing.  Last week, on Wednesday (my weekly laundry/cleaning day) these friends called and asked for a favor. They asked if we could keep a dog for a night!  I was hesitant. Because on Wednesdays (you know, my weekly laundry/cleaning day) I am a selfish jerk when it comes to anything that might reverse what I just spent time doing.  So...having another dog in our home did not sound fun.  Well, I quickly realized how foolish I was and tried to convince them that it would be no problem (which it really wouldn't be!  I just knew my hesitation hurt the situation).  Well, in the end, Molly spent the night!  Job was SO happy (of course).  They were really funny and cute together.  Although I think the whole time Molly really just wanted her real family back.  She slept at the back door all night!  It was so sad! But alas, all was well. Here are the two cuties:

the regal pose

job & molly!

the "i'm sweet" pose


  1. Oh my goodness. Such cute photos. And that dog looks so so happy:) Adorable


  2. haha, they sure were goofy together. thank you for stopping by & leaving a little note :) :)

  3. We can not thank you enough for keeping our girl. We were at a loss with what to do with her in the city 1 day early. You were a huge blessing in the craziness of wedding planning. God bless you! Don & Sue (Kate's parent's)

  4. it was a pleasure Don & Sue!! loved celebrating with you, Katelynn & Mat and can't wait to see the newlyweds when they return!!