meaningful presents.

I felt so treasured and loved on/around my birthday.  I had to share some of my super sweet and thoughtful gifts because they have meant so much to me!!

My friends Valerie & Alissa (2 super talented sisters that are a part of Milano) got me a 'homeseed' spoon and some beautiful nail polish!!  I had been talking to Valerie about wanting to get a spoon for business photos/decoration and, well, she remembered and got it for me :) Both she and Alissa know that I've been on a nail polish kick and so they found a nail polish I had posted as a "want item" on my pinterest and they picked that up for me!!! Amazing.  So thoughtful and loving!  You two are the sweetest!

spoon 1

milk tester & spoon!

spoon 2

 (not my hands or picture!  both of those are from HERE)

My friend Kelly got me my very own succulent!! AHHH!  I have been going on and on about air plants and succulents to anyone who will listen lately and Kelly remembered and got me this little guy!  Thanks Kel :) :) :)

my very own succulent!  yay kellyyyy!

my succulent :)

And then...the Wednesday after my birthday, Mr. Dake had something planned.  He and Jon (Valerie's husband) decided to surprise us with a sweet dinner and post-dinner surprise/get together.  Val's birthday is on April 18th!  So, we were birthday buddies for the night.  We ate delicious pizza at union pizzeria and celebrated life together.  I love these guys.

surprise birthday dinner! jon!

my daniel :)

surprise birthday dinner! val!


union pizza lights

birthday friends :)

Lots of sweet gifts of love.  I will cherish these things and memories :)

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  1. wow! your friends are good listeners!
    i love the spoon... is it TOOOO BIG?! :)