book darts.

A while back for some holiday in which you give gifts I bought some levenger page points for Dan (a friend had them on her bible and I was amazed!  I thought they were the coolest thing....).  Well, he's gone through/lost most of them by now and has had a rekindled excitement for them of late. So, he decided to order some more, and when we looked them up he found these.  Page nibs!  Not points!  And, they have several reviews saying "i wish they would bring back the points!". So, he searched elsewhere and found these!  BOOK DARTS.  They came yesterday.  The packaging was so delightful (especially compared to what I would normally expect from a random office product like this).  They've got to be a small company!  We were so happily surprised that I couldn't help but take pictures.  So....buy some.  Now.

amazing book darts.

the 3 different color options :)

the old ones!  wah wah.


Also, saw this on pennyweight's facebook and was thrilled.  Feist is incredible.  These little video vignettes are amazing and I'm definitely excited for the new album!!


  1. These look so fun! I also saw the Feist videos-I am all sorts of excited for the new album!

  2. Fun I will be getting some, did you see in the custom labels that nav press has bought them. funny

  3. I've been wanting a set of those book darts! A friend told me about them, so useful!