a wedding from t & s hughes.

I first met (to talk business!) with Tony & Sharon of t & s hughes photography just after they shot a wedding that they told me I would have loved to be a part of.  They said it was a dream.  They said that there were so many beautiful things to capture that it was almost overwhelming.  Well, when the day came that they put up the photos from this wedding I understood just why they thought I would have loved it.  And I do!!  Oh my.  They really did an incredible job of highlighting the incredible taste of this lovely couple.  I've also heard from friends that this bride is an incredible singer, and there is a photo in here (related to just that) that has given me chills many times.  So, feast your eyes on my favorite photos of Bethany & John's wedding!



Incredible, right?!  See more here & here!

all photos © t & s hughes photography

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