t & s hughes photography (new homeseed work!!)

I have to finish cleaning/shower/jump in the car & pick up Dan (to head to CINCI!  YES!) so this will be a quick one, but I wanted to share with you a small portion of some new identity work I did for t & s hughes photography!  Tony & Sharon are a beautiful couple as well as incredibly talented photographers!!  I am really excited to know some Chicago folks in the industry whose work I love and admire.  I was so excited to head to their website and see their new header up!  
Here's a peak (more to come later): 

Please check out their work!  It's SO so lovely :)


  1. adorable header! and love their photography :)

  2. Love the header - you´re good! :-)

  3. thanks for introducing us! am heading over to see their work now...

    and. you're awesome.

  4. Loooove it K! you are so so talented.

  5. thank you friends. your encouragement means so very very much to me :)