t & s hughes photography branding.

I want to share a few more details of the work I did for t & s hughes photography.  It was so fun to work with them, and not to mention, pull out my watercolors!  Tony & Sharon are incredibly talented and kind-hearted people, and I'm excited to see where their business takes them.  I really believe in the work that they do.  Speaking of their work, on Monday, I will be sharing a recent wedding that they photographed and I can't wait for you to see!  It's amazing, really.  Get excited.

blog/website header.

general logo (just picked the green for fun!).

a dark watermark (on my photo as example!).

a light watermark (on my photo as example!).

a client thank you card!

designs © homeseed 2011

Happy Friday!  Hope you have a lovely weekend.  We have quite a few friends visiting this 
weekend so it will be a busy one.  Looking forward to seeing these folks for sure :)


  1. LOVELY!! Your images are always stunning! Yours is one of my favorite blogs to visit, truly. And I follow quite a few. Have a great weekend!

  2. thank you crystle. can't begin to explain how encouraging that is! i really appreciate your kind words ;)

  3. kris.. clever client card! what a lovely id :) of course i appreciate the watercolors!