We hardly ever make it home in time from church on Sundays to get to our farmer's market. BUT...we were able to this last week and boyyy am I thankful!  So.  I have this thing...for... specialty/gourmet ice cream!  Now there is this very scary thing that is/might be happening to the few local folks who are bringing specialty ice cream to Chicago (see this article).  Well, there is a different company doing a similar thing, and I had been wanting to try their ice cream for so long (I'm not going to mention their name...just, in case it could get them in trouble with the state too! UGH.).  Well, I got some.  While I was trying to figure out what flavor to get (they had lemon basil, vietnamese coffee, lavender blueberry cucumber sorbet...& more) Dan disappeared at a farm's stand that had a crazy amount of different varieties of tomatoes.  Well, I picked out "Round Barn's Scotch Ale + Milk Chocolate Ice Cream" (YUM) and Dan got all of these pretty/colorful guys to make salsa:


TOMATOES!!  what?!
i think these are both tomatoes...can't remember now!  the one on the left is for SURE.  crazy, right?!

green & yeller.

beefy heirloom tom.
that is one BIG heirloom...



  1. ooh, awesome spread! Looks yummy.

    and um...YEAH, I totally remember you!! :) What a small world! haha. I love your blog, too! Your header is really cute!

    Did you do Dan Divelbiss and Megan Suttman's invitations? I was looking at yours here and they have sort of a similar "feel" or something.

  2. i had no idea about that crazy ice cream thing! boy. but it sounds like you chose some awesome flavors.