orchard & antiques!

So on Monday Dan and I headed back to Woodstock, IL for a some apple and antique pickin' fun.  It's a pretty funny little place.  We love Don, the main man at the Homestead Orchard.  We want to go back each month through the fall to get different apples each time.  This time he only had "lodi" apples which he recommended to apple sauce and pies, but not for eating.  He had just gotten stung by one of his bees right before we arrived.  His finger did not look so happy...his honey is SO so good!  And, he also sells a chocolate mint tea that is pretty tasty.  We did some antique hunting, but actually didn't have the best luck this time around.  We only came home with a little copper dish for one of my air plants to sit in :) I am quite happy with that $2 find!  Enjoy photos of the orchard and my favorite finds (which we cannot afford!).  Some day....maybe ;)


dan & apples.


baby birdy.



albino cricket?!

DON!  & the choco mint tea.

airplant & copper.

coolest chair.

squatty chair!  i SO like this!

i really like skimmers!  don't know why!


anyone want to donate 1200 to us?


  1. oooooo, i'm drooling! thanks for sharing. wish i lived close enough to visit this place! great post.

  2. ANTIQUES! I want a library card catalog for my crafts, I'll keep dreaming.