monday shares.

Wow.  Blog titles are getting harder and harder.  Perhaps I'll forgo titles like some fo my favorite blog ladies do?  Doubt it.  I feel like I need titles to organize.  Maybe they'll just stop making sense...that might be fun!

Yesterday we had a really beautiful time with our wonderful (and crazy talented) friends who just made it back to the states from Iceland (via Italy, via Belgium).  We get to see them again when we head to Cinci later this week to see folks and watch our worlds collide with these guys starting their summer tour there!  So excited.  So so excited.

I have two fun things to share with you today!

1. this girl (kimbra) has PIPES.  seriously.  I'm quite mesmerized by her voice and beauty (she's 21!  does that make you feel any different about how she sings?!  wow.  crazy.)...wondering when her soon to be released (in australia & NZ) album will make it to the states.

2. here is a beautiful august desktop calendar for you from Rebekka Seale (who is an incredible artist!).


  1. wow, thanks for that sharing that link to kimbra! love her voice!

  2. i do blog titles too - just feels naked without.